Scientometric database “Socrates-Impulse”

International scientometric database «Socrates-Impulse» - is a multifactorial system of registration and analytical processing of data about the forms, content and trends of development of scientific activities in certain countries and at the international level. Informational basis for the database operations is the reliable data about published scientific studies, their contents and relevance in the scientific world.

The International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, UK) is the initiator of the «Socrates-Impulse» database foundation.

Structurally «Socrates-Impulse» has the form of the bibliographic and abstract database, functioning as a mechanism assisting in determination of the research activity of scientific communities from certain countries, as well as universities, corporations and individual scientists. It is also aimed at tracking the citation of articles published in scientific journals.

Unlike the majority of currently existing scientometric databases «Socrates-Impulse» is not limited to indexing exclusively authoritative scientific periodicals. High-quality (from a scientific point of view) periodicals possibly lacking the worldwide prominence, authors' monographs and studies published in collections of scientific reports can also be registered.

International scientometric database «Socrates-Impulse» was established only in 2013. Obviously, the bibliographic and abstract ground of the database is not wide. Its key structural element is an array of scientific reports presented by scientists from around the world at research analytics championships and international scientific conferences of the GISAP project. However the quantitative growth of the array of statistical information is just a matter of time. Along with scientometric analysis of original studies of the GISAP project, «Socrates-Impulse» may include reports and monographs submitted by authors of scientific reports for indexing in the database. It also includes periodicals registered in the «Socrates-Impulse» or those subject to automatic indexing (initiated by the IASHE).

The international scientometric database «Socrates-Impulse» carries out registration and indexing of scientific studies in various branches of science with differentiation into subject-theme (problematic) segments (sections).

At the same time apart from the traditional formats of indexing the «Socrates-Impulse» implements certain types of innovative registration of the scientometric data.

In particular, the «Socrates-Impulse» also determines the Analytical Impact Factor, the Analytical Value Index and the Qualitative Acknowledgement Index of publications, as well as the Innovativeness of the Research Index.

«Socrates-Impulse» indexes researches using the 5-year cycle of the recognition of their scientometric relevance (apart from the traditional Impact Factor with the 2-years citation window).

The following systematization of scientific branches is used as the informational basis for the data structuring in the «Socrates-Impulse»:

  • Physics and Mathematics
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Biology (including Botany, Zoology and Genetics)
  • Earth and Space Sciences
  • Technical Science
  • Agriculture
  • History
  • Economics and Management
  • Philosophy
  • Philology
  • Jurisprudence
  • Educational Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Art History
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences
  • Political Science
  • Military Science
  • Cultural studies, physical culture and sports

In addition, «Socrates-Impulse» highlights the problematic (subject-related) segments (sections) in the formal and content-based limits of the basic scientific branches. Such differentiation is used for statistical clarification and deeper analysis of various trends in the area o scientific studies.