Scientometric Database

- International scientometric database «Socrates-Impulse». Currently the International scientometric database «Socrates-Impulse» is under development by the IASHE.

International Scientometric Database «Socrates-Impulse» - is a multivariable system of accounting and analytical processing of information concerning the form, contents and trends of scientific activity in certain countries and at the international level. The information basis of the database operation is reliable data about published scientific studies, their contents and relevance in the scientific world.

By its structure, «Socrates-Impulse» will take the form of abstract and bibliography databases, operating as a tool for determining the activity of scientific research communities of certain countries, universities, corporations and scientists, as well as for tracking the citation of articles published in scientific journals.

Unlike the most forms of scientometric databases, «Socrates-Impulse» will not be limited by indexation of authoritative scientific periodicals only. Recording will also cover: a) high-grade (from a scientific point of view) not world-famous periodicals; b) copyrighted monographs; c) researches, published in the digitals of scientific articles.

International Scientometric Database «Socrates-Impulse» will keep records and index scientific researches in various fields of science, divided into the subject (problem) segments (sections).
However, in addition to traditional formats of indexing «Socrates-Impulse» will implement some forms of innovative scientometric data recording.

In particular, within the framework of «Socrates-Impulse» the analytical Impact factor, analytic value indices, qualitative recognition of publications, and innovations in the scientific reports will be determined.

 «Socrates-Impulse» is focused on indexing researches using a 5-year cycle of scientometric recognition of their relevance (in comparison to the traditional Impact Factor, which covers 2 years only).

Structurally «Socrates-Impulse» will include the following scientometric categories: 1) «Socrates-Global» (SG) - a cluster of statistical processing and analysis of aggregated data of  scientific processes (integrated accounting system); 2) «Socrates-Speaker» (SS) - statistical analysis and cluster analysis of the characteristics of citation of books, scientific papers and authors (quality assessment of sources of scientific information and their authors); 3) «Socrates-Leader» (SL) - cluster aggregation and analysis of analytical values of scientific researches; 4) a statistical cluster analysis of innovative researches.