Scientific monographs

Mechanism of publication and requirements to manuscripts

A person interested in publication of a manuscript (author or a third party) may send an author’s material to the IASHE for the Academy to examine the possibilities of publication.

Before sending a text of a relevant manuscript itself an interested person must send the application for publication (in a free form) to the IASHE Secretariat. The following information must be stated in such application:


Title of the report;


Author and information about an author;


Language of the manuscript and the anticipated language of publication;


Aims of publication and the assumed area of distribution;


Information about reviews, comments, recommendations and opinions of opponents;


Assumed sources of financing;


Volume and format of the manuscript;


Expected number of  printed copies;


Additional requests to the IASHE concerning the publication.  

In case if the IASHE makes a decision to undertake the possible publishing of a manuscript on the basis of the data, stated in the application, a relevant notification is sent to an interested person. Academy also provides this person with an official guarantee-letter to guarantee the inviolability of copyright and relevant rights for the manuscript sent.

Besides, information about manuscripts under selection by the Academy (concerning their possible publication) is presented in the website section «Manuscripts under study». This allows the interested person to acquire a documental affirmation of the fact that the manuscript had been sent to the IASHE (by pressing the Print Screen key on the PC keypad and using a standard «Paint» software).

Manuscripts under study

The IASHE is not reviewing any manuscripts (for publication) at present time.

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