This section contains Resolutions of International Scientific Congresses of the IASHE. Congress is a permanent multidisciplinary scientific and analytical forum of professional scientists and practitioners structurally composed of closed scientific specialised segments functioning in the interactive way, in a session and thematic mode.

The system of the International Scientific Congress of the IASHE involves functioning of independent specialized scientific congresses, activities of which are organized and directed in a remote mode by Curators, authoritative scientific and educational organizations, which specialize in relevant scientific issues and are the official partners of the IASHE.

Main objectives of the IASHE Congresses:

  • Promoting the development of international scientific communications and cooperation of scientists from different countries;
  • Promoting scientific progress through discussion-based comprehension and joint overcoming of actual problems of modern science by scientists from different countries;
  • Active dissemination of advanced knowledge relating to various fields of science.

More information about Congresses is available here.

The American International Commercial Arbitration Court LLC (AICA LLC; Washington DC, USA)
Sectoral Congress:
Session dates:
the FSBEI HPE «Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University» (Chelyabinsk, RUSSIA)
Sectoral Congress:
Session dates: