Periodicals (journals) of the Academy

Periodicals (journals) of the Academy

Conception of development of the IASHE scientific journals system

Taking large numbers of copies of published materials as digests into account, today the IASHE has made a decision to establish 12 periodical scientific issues, devoted to various fields of science.

Format of a journal will increase the level of citation of scientific studies and scientometric ranking and will also promote wider distribution of original scientific information, its simple archiving and scanning.

Taking the above stated into account the IASHE carries out step-by-step registration and announces the forthcoming launch of the following international scientific journals:

GISAP: Earth and Space Sciences

ISSN 2052-3890 ISSN 2052-644X (Online)


GISAP: Philological Sciences

ISSN 2053-1532 ISSN 2053-1540 (Online)


GISAP: Economics, Jurisprudence and Management

ISSN 2053-6402 ISSN 2053-6410 (Online)


GISAP: Educational Sciences

ISSN 2053-6429 ISSN 2053-6437 (Online)


GISAP: Technical Sciences, Construction and Architecture

ISSN 2054-1155 ISSN 2054-1163 (Online)


GISAP: Culturology, Sports and Art History

ISSN 2054-0809 ISSN 2054-0817 (Online)


GISAP: Biology, Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences

ISSN 2054-1139 ISSN 2054-1147 (Online)


GISAP: Medical Science, Pharmacology

ISSN 2053-7751 ISSN 2054-0795 (Online)


GISAP: History and Philosophy

ISSN 2054-6467 ISSN 2054-6475 (Online)


GISAP: Sociological, Political and Military Sciences

ISSN 2054-6440 ISSN 2054-6459 (Online)


GISAP: Psychological Sciences

ISSN 2054-6505 ISSN 2054-6513 (Online)


GISAP: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry

ISSN 2054-6483 ISSN 2054-6491 (Online)