Patenting of innovations

Together with the IUCI (London, UK, and the AICAC (Wilmington, USA, the IASHE is offering the mechanism of international protection of the scientists’ copyrights based on the procedure of expert patenting under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard.

The interested researchers not able to use the traditional state mechanisms of patenting due to various reasons (or those considering such mechanisms to be insufficient for effective international protection of their own original innovations) can choose the universal international procedure - IOSCEAAD-775.

The IOSCEAAD-775 standard has unique and universal international status, as well as wider rights protection opportunities, than traditional state systems of patenting. Not only innovations in the material form can act as objects of patent protection. IOSCEAAD-775 allows recognizing and protecting copyright and the neighboring rights to objects of intellectual property, which are the products of creative work of a person, having all the required patentability criteria, but not being considered as traditional objects of patenting in most countries (due to absence of the physical form and functional completeness). This includes the scientific or fiction works of local or intermediate nature, which are not intended to be purposefully used independently, but are used (or can be used due to sufficient potential) in practice: logically complete scientific ideas and plots of creative works in various formats.

Additional resources of intellectual property protection under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard are not only broad international assessment of an innovation and publication of relevant information in the international editions, registers and bulletins, but also procedures of arbitral confirmation and support of patenting on the basis of awards made by the AICAC.

More information about the patenting mechanism under the IOSCEAAD-775 standard is available on the website of the International Academy of Intellect and Qualitative Progress (IAIQP) - Please send all your inquiries related to the IOSCEAAD-775 procedure realization regime to the IASHE, IUCI Secretariat or the IAIQP Administration. All our contact information is available on official websites.