International Scientific Registry “Socrates–Notion”

International Scientific Registry “Socrates–Notion” is a specialized ordered registry of authors of scientific reports (scientists) and their publications. It is an open database of personal and creative scientific data.

The Registry performs a function of the integrated international resource aimed at collection and distribution of information concerning scientists and their creativity, officially published in printed and electronic media (publications).

The Registry is intended for accumulation or ordering of data on the basis of given criteria, providing persons concerned with access to information, identification of persons presented in the Registry and creation of conditions for development of international scientific communications.

The specific function of the Registry is the informational separation and status underlining of every scientist and his/her creativity in order to present such scientist's qualification as well as his/her personal contribution into the development of science, protect the copyright and facilitate access of persons concerned to the corresponding information.

The Registry is the open source of information. Every person concerned is provided with access to it.

The Registry does assume collection of such kind of information like commercial, personal or family secrets of any person or any other closed (confidential) information that cannot be publicized.

The person included into the Registry must confirm main scientific information presented in the Registry through submission of electronic copies of corresponding documents or other official carriers of information.

Any information, able to illegally cause any kinds of damage to persons included into the Registry or third parties, can not be presented in the Registry.

Any information violating the copyright or neighboring rights of people included into the Registry or third parties, as well as unreliable and unethical information cannot be presented in the Registry. Borrowing information from the Registry with the purpose of further use with violation of the copyright or other rights of people included into the Registry or the third parties is also prohibited.

Information is uploaded to the Registry directly by researchers (scientists) on the voluntary basis after acquisition of the Registry figurant status. Information may also be uploaded by their legal representatives.

Contents and fullness of data to be published in the Registry is determined by the correspondent figurant of the Registry independently (except for the obligatory data).