International Scientific Congresses

International Scientific Congress of the IASHE is a permanent multidisciplinary scientific and analytical forum of professional scientists and practitioners. It is structurally composed of closed scientific sectoral segments, which operate in an interactive form, in a sessional and thematic mode.

The system of the International Scientific Congress of the IASHE involves functioning of independent specialized scientific congresses, activities of which are organized and directed in a remote mode by Curators - authoritative scientific and educational organizations, which specialize in relevant scientific issues and are official partners of the IASHE.

The responsibilities of each Curator within his scientific speciality include the following functions:

  • periodic statement (no less 4 and not more than 12 times a year) of scientific problems (issues) for the consideration of experts in the relevant field;
  • direction of scientific debates;
  • formulation of the Congress resolutions on the stated and discussed scientific issue;
  • Curator's official representative is permanently connected with members of the International Scientific Congress, which participate in its activities in the announced thematic area of discussion;
  • selection (definition) of authors of the most innovative, advanced or bright ideas or concepts expressed in the discussion;
  • maintenance of tolerance and mutual respect of disputants.

The duration of each session of the Congress is be determined by the Curator and cannot be less than 5 and more than 30 days.

The main objectives of Congresses of the IASHE are:

  • Promoting the development of international scientific communications and cooperation of scientists from different countries;
  • Promoting scientific progress through discussion-based comprehension and joint overcoming of actual problems of modern science by scientists from different countries;
  • Active dissemination of advanced knowledge in various fields of science.

Each regular thematic sessions of specialized Congresses are to be widely announced withinin the framework of the GISAP project. Resolutions of thematic sessions of Scientific Congresses, along with the list of their participants are to be published in research analytics collections and specialized journals of the IASHE. Permanent participants of Congresses receive international certificates.

Specialists in the fields of science, problems of which become thematic guidelines of relevant sessions of the Congresses may participate in International Scientific Congresses of the IASHE.

In order to participate in specialized Congresses, an interested person has to register on the website and certify his/her specialization (qualification) by sending an electronic copy of his/her diploma or document attesting an academic degree or a higher education to the IASHE managers.

Participation in a session of a specialized International Scientific Congress involves an active role of an interested person in a scientific discussion, formulation of hypotheses and propositions, and voting on the agenda of the session and its final resolution.

Detailed information about the mechanism of functioning of the IASHE International Scientific Congress, rules of participation and archive of past sessions can be found here: