International internships at the universities and companies

The IASHE renders assistance to researchers (scientists), lecturers or practitioners in organizing internships in the universities or companies around the world.

In order to initiate the internship organization procedure, the person concerned must fill in the corresponding application form in English.

According to Your data and preferences stated in the application form, the IASHE will make requests to the corresponding institutions, carry out preliminary coordination, collect the necessary data, and provide a recommendation concerning the best option of organization of Your further internship (or other objective information based on the results of the specified actions).

The IASHE shall not guarantee the implementation of the request, if such implementation is related to the prestigious institutions with high level of requirements to projects they are willing to take part in.

The applicant should bear in mind, that prestigious institutions may demand payments for internships and they sometimes may be quite expensive. Therefore, the applicant takes the risks related to affordability of the internship.

The IASHE reserves the right to request copies of the required documents from the applicants (according to the requirements of institutions offering an internship) and other additional information in electronic and physical form.

In order to prevent the filling and sending of unconsidered or inaccurate applications to the IASHE, and also to exclude the irrational use of the IASHE organizational resources, the applications will be considered after the advance payment of the registration fee - EUR 100 per application. If the IASHE carries out all the necessary actions related to preliminary organization of the internship, but the conditions for implementation of such process appear to be unacceptable for the applicant, the registration fee will not be refunded.

Final payment for the services rendered by the IASHE (this cannot be less than EUR 200 per applicant, including the registration fee, and in the most complicated cases of organizing internships in prestigious institutions cannot exceed EUR 1 500) shall be collected from the persons concerned only upon documentary confirmation of the official start of internship. The final cost of these services depends on the actual volume of efforts made by the IASHE employees in order to organize certain procedures.

If the applicant would like the IASHE to act as his/her official representative (on the basis of the special power of attorney) in the process of registration and submission of the applicant's relevant documents to the institution offering an internship, and also in the processes of organization of an internship, visa support, accommodation, food and travel arrangements, such services shall be paid by the applicant additionally - on the basis of the cost estimate drafted by the IASHE.

Participants of the GISAP project can pay for the international services rendered by the IASHE using monetary awards of the project, both in their own favour and in behalf of the third parties.

All international services in the field of science and education are rendered by the IASHE with the assistance of its official partner - International consulting group «BoVaSCo» (

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