Institute of Arts

The Institute of Arts of the IASHE is a structural unit of the Academy, which implements the international policy of the IASHE in the field of development of various types and genres of art, promotion and popularization of artistic creativity of talented people. The main activity of the Institute of Arts is the holding of creative contests and festivals in various countries of the world. Most often, the Institute holds such creative events in conjunction with the International Union of Commerce and Industry in the framework of the Open International creative competition and festival «Open Art Albion». By the decision of the Institute, contests and festivals are held in various countries and cities of the world with the assistance of the national partners of the IASHE. The rules for competitions and festivals (regulations) are approved by the Institute for each event separately. Dissemination of information on the conduct of events and preliminary work with their participants is carried out by the national partners of the IASHE.

As part of its events, the Institute: determines and rewards the best participants in contests and festivals (winners and prize-winners); conducts international certification (expert assessment) of the level of professional training and mastery of the leaders of creative teams, ensembles, as well as individual performers. The Institute also implements various educational programs in the field of culture and art, organizes concert programs and accompanies the activities of individual creative groups and performers. Together with the festival «Open Art Albion», the Institute implements the program of the European Championship of Festival Art at the continental, regional (national) and sectoral levels (methodology of competitive certification). For interested parties, the rules (regulations) of the festival «Open Art Albion» and the European Championship of Festival Art are provided upon special request.