Global international scientific analytical project – is a kind of a realm, meant to promote the scientific creativity, progress of international science and cooperation of scientists from different countries. Competitions in research analytics and  innovational scientific congresses are carried out within the GISAP project. Progressive researchers are awarded, scientific communities are formed, scientific digests and magazines are published, programs of massive presentation of scientists and their original reports are implemented.

GISAP Administration:

  • The GISAP founder and copyright owner – International Academy of Science and Higher Education (IASHE; London, United Kingdom)
  • Scientific-industrial company «GISAP L.P.» (Douglas, Scotland, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom)
  • GISAP project management – All-Ukrainian Academic Union (Kiev-Odessa, Ukraine)
  • Manager (administrator) of an online version of the project – «SJP» (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Legal support to the project – American International Commercial Arbitration Court (AICAC; Wilmington, USA)
  • Commercial support to the project – International Union of Commerce and Industry (IUCI; London, UK)
  • International advisor of the project – «Sirius & Co» (Sydney, Australia)

Presentation of the GISAP project is available for everyone interested here: THE GISAP WEBSITE