General information, aims and principles of the IASHE rankings

The IASHE ranking is a system of data, calculated with the usage of a special formula. This data can include numerical and ordinal rates representing an absolute and relative value, as well as the hierarchy of compared values. Rankings describe the scientific and analytical activity and effectiveness of participation in the project of individuals, as well as educational institutions, countries and continents they represent.

The purpose of any IASHE ranking comes to:


Identifying (under the stated criteria) comparative superiorities of one contestants over others;


Defining winners and awardees of the ranking assessment for the relevant periods of time.

The process of  ranking assessment of scientific activities of certain scientists and educational institutions is based on the results of the GISAP project.

Additional information about the IASHE ranking can be found in the «General Regulations for conducting championships (competitions) in research analytics» available here: