General information

In the sphere of organization of processes of execution, publication, mass promulgation, as well as professional discussion and assessment of scientific researches, the IASHE holds to a combination of traditional and innovative approaches to the formalization of scientific achievements and their symbolic representation in special qualifying regalia.

In particular, the IASHE plans to carry out the introduction and implementation of doctoral programs of two types: traditional academic doctoral programs and research (creative) doctoral programs.

Academic doctoral programs are implemented in the process of execution of educational activities in the field of higher education and are an integral part of the educational process. Academic doctoral programs are subject to the realization in the context of the launch of the IASHE activities in the field of higher education and are expected to be initiated in 2014. Mechanism of realization of the IASHE academic doctoral programs is regulated by special provisions adopted by the IASHE Presidium.

Research (creative) program is the original innovation of the IASHE, implemented on the basis of fundamental separation of scientific process from the educational environment. Research (creative) doctoral programs are based on the qualification significance of factors: active scientific work of the scientist; mass distribution of scientific researches of the scientist; discovery of innovativity of scientific researches and creative self-expression of the scientist; competitive qualitative contradistinction of sectoral scientific researches of different authors; value of scientific discussions; qualificative collective assessment of the systematic scientific activity of scientists by the professional expert council and scientists-specialists from different countries of the world; transparency, objectivity and fairness of collective professional decisions in the field of scientific attestation. Research (creative) doctoral programs are subject to realization from the mid 2013 on the basis of intensity and results of participation of the interested persons in the GISAP project. Mechanism of realization of scientific (creative) doctoral programs of the IASHE is regulated by the special Provision, approved by the IASHE Presidium.