Emotional Science

«We often hear that science is deprived of emotions. Usually the idea is: clear and cold mind is the only possible generator of bright ideas and the basis of intellectual development of a person and the society. An intellect free of emotional sensitiveness could possibly act as a perfect instrument of cognitive activity, but no man bears such an intellect. An amazing nature of every human being is in the original combination of biological and social essences, unified by the unique kaleidoscope of inclinations, thoughts, feelings, preferences and aspirations… Man is impossible without feelings. His creative intellect and emotions are the priceless contribution of a little and rapidly living being into the formation of the infinite Universe…

Science is always emotional. Even when its sensual fullness doesn’t seem obvious and measurable. Moreover, the ideology of science and its progressive impulses are always filled with an emotional charge, ennobling and improving the society, forming the potential for its perspective development. All this only needs our desire to understand and… feel.  

Four your attention we provide short prosaic and figurative stories. We hope they can touch emotional strings of creative activity of a man, called science – each in its own way, with separate local strokes». 

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