Doctoral scientific-analytical (creative) programs

Scientific (creative) doctoral programs are the original innovation introduced by the IASHE and implemented on the basis of fundamental separation of the scientific process from the educational environment.

Doctoral programs are systematically interconnected scientific and qualification-assessing events organized by the IASHE and based on the following: stimulation of self-organization, self-development, creative initiative and activity of scientists; ensuring promulgation and wide consideration of results of scientific studies; organization of professional communications and highly qualified expert and open public assessment of results of scientific studies of scientists from around the world.

Doctoral programs are not the direct analog of academic doctoral programs of universities. Doctoral programs are notintended to substitute or copy them in any way. At the basis of a doctoral program there is preferential significance of personal creative activity development and research initiatives aimed at promotion of the innovative scientific progress - not further educational academic growth of the certain person.

The following doctoral programs are implemented within the framework of the IASHE project "International University of Scientific and Innovative Analytics" (IUSIA):

  • Doctoral dynamic scientific-analytical programs;
  • Doctoral thesis-based scientific-analytical programs;
  • Doctoral bibliographic scientific-analytical programs.

During implementation of the IASHE doctoral programs the scientific-analytical attestation is carried out within the framework of the IUSIA project. The attestation is carried out through conversion of credit points earned by research analytics championships participants into scientific-analytical doctoral qualifications.