Digests of scientific works

General information

Digests of scientific works - sectoral (devoted to the certain branch of science) of cross-sectoral collections of original reports, articles, points, presented for participation in research analytics championships or scientific-practical conferences of the GISAP project, carried out under the aegis of the IASHE. 

The IASHE may publish digests of scientific works following the results of certain scientific events and upon requests of other organizations.

The IASHE digests of scientific works can be divided into:


Professionally edited (in this case a qualified editorial executes a selection, quality assessment and correction of original materials);


Based on open expert assessment and collective discussion of the scientific research (in this case materials subject to the publication under the aegis of author's responsibility for their quality and with open promulgation of results of expert assessment).

Archive of digests

Archive of digests and all the related information is available on the website http://www.gisap.eu.

XLIV-XLV:"Health protection and physical development of a person in conditions of the biospheric crisis" / "Earth: life in biodiversity"
XLII-XLIII: "From papyrus to hologram: modern art in the context of evolution of culture" / "Truth, lost in ages: historical and philosophical problems of humanity"
XLI International Research and Practice Conference "Dilemma of the era: scarce social resources, rules and mechanisms of their reproduction and exploitation"
XL: "ProbProblems of modern pedagogics in the context of international educational standards development"
XXXIX: “Physico-mathematical and technical sciences as postindustrial foundation of the informational society evolution”
XXXVIII: “Health as a factor of quality and lifetime of biological species”
XXXVII: “Forms of social communication in the dynamics of human society development”
XXXV-XXXVI: “Global crisis of contemporaniety in the sphere of mindset, social values and political interests correlation” / “Issues of limits, reproduction and rational use of natural resources”
XXXIV: “Solution of a social requirements and objective reality issues in economical and juridical sciences”
XXXIII: “Historical projection and modern interpretation of the substance and form of human activity, creativity and aesthetics issues”
XXXII: “Models and methods of solving formal and applied scientific issues in physico-mathematical, technical and chemical research”
XXXI: “Ways of sоlving crisis phenomena in pedagogics, psychology and linguistics”