Digests of scientific works

General information

Digests of scientific works - sectoral (devoted to the certain branch of science) of cross-sectoral collections of original reports, articles, points, presented for participation in research analytics championships or scientific-practical conferences of the GISAP project, carried out under the aegis of the IASHE. 

The IASHE may publish digests of scientific works following the results of certain scientific events and upon requests of other organizations.

The IASHE digests of scientific works can be divided into:


Professionally edited (in this case a qualified editorial executes a selection, quality assessment and correction of original materials);


Based on open expert assessment and collective discussion of the scientific research (in this case materials subject to the publication under the aegis of author's responsibility for their quality and with open promulgation of results of expert assessment).

Archive of digests

Archive of digests and all the related information is available on the website http://www.gisap.eu.

LXV: "The state, corporation and individual: correlation of rights, economic interests and ways of their realization"
LXIV: "Forming and qualitative development of modern educational systems"
LXI-LXII-LXIII: "Industrial science in the service of creation and progress" / "Earth in the spatio-temporal coordinate system" / "Ordered chaos: modern problematics of physical, mathematical and chemical sciences"
LIX-LX: "International Research and Practice Conference "Biosocial characteristics of the modern human psychology" / "Social and political aspects of the post-industrial life activity of states"
LVIII: "Verbal culture of the humanity through the prism of ages"
LVI-LVII: "Modern methodology of health care and psychosomatic development of a man" / "Blooming planet: origins, evolution and the future of life on Earth"
LIV-LV: "Problems and paradoxes of the historical science in context of the philosophical thought development" / "Cultural heritage in knowledge, works of art and images"
LIII: "Social processes regulation in the context of economics, law and management"
LI-LII: "Education as the basis of the humanity evolution in conditions of the information environment of the society domination" / "Physical, mathematical and chemical sciences: theoretical trends and applied studies"
XLIX-L: "The third planet from the Sun: modern theories and research practice in the field of Earth and Space sciences" / " Construction technologies and architectural aesthetics of the information society"
XLVII-XLVIII: "The person in conditions of the interpersonal relationships intensification" / "Technologies of globalization of the XXI century: evolution or setback?"
XLVI: "In the beginning there was the Word: history and actual problems of philology and linguistics"