Digests of scientific works

General information

Digests of scientific works - sectoral (devoted to the certain branch of science) of cross-sectoral collections of original reports, articles, points, presented for participation in research analytics championships or scientific-practical conferences of the GISAP project, carried out under the aegis of the IASHE. 

The IASHE may publish digests of scientific works following the results of certain scientific events and upon requests of other organizations.

The IASHE digests of scientific works can be divided into:


Professionally edited (in this case a qualified editorial executes a selection, quality assessment and correction of original materials);


Based on open expert assessment and collective discussion of the scientific research (in this case materials subject to the publication under the aegis of author's responsibility for their quality and with open promulgation of results of expert assessment).

Archive of digests

Archive of digests and all the related information is available on the website http://www.gisap.eu.

LXXXII International Research and Practice Conference "Subject and object of cognition in a projection of educational techniques and psychological concepts"
LXXX-LXXXI: "Space, time, matter: evolutionary harmony or the ordered chaos/Man-made world as an instrument of life support and creative self-expression of mankind"
LXXIX International Research and Practice Conference "Isolation and unification vectors in the social development coordinate system"
LXXVІІI International Research and Practice Conference "Development of species and processes of their life support through the prism of natural evolution and expediency"
LXXVII International Research and Practice Conference "Factor of personal harmonious development within the structure of the global society progress"
LXXVI: "Modern linguistic systems as instruments of the reality transformation"
LXXV: "Problems of correlation of interpersonal interactions and educational technologies in social relations"
LXXIII-LXXIV: "The development of technical sciences, building sciences and architecture in the context of the needs of society alteration" / "A particular case in conditions of limitlessness: Earth in the vast Universe"
LXXI-LXXII: "Development of modern psychology in a conditions of a permanent social crisis" / "The necessity, admissibility and adequacy of measures for overcoming socio-political crises of modern society"
LXX: "Language means of preservation and development of cultural values"
LXVIII-LXIX: "Issues of conservation and reproduction of the consumed biological resources" / "Medical and pharmacological resources and a healthy life-style as means of the quality and length of human life increasing"
LXVI-LXVII: "Place of the cultural heritage, art and conception thinking in the modern information-oriented society" / "Yesterday-today-tomorrow: historical and philosophical comprehension as the basis of the scientific world view"