Digests of scientific works

General information

Digests of scientific works - sectoral (devoted to the certain branch of science) of cross-sectoral collections of original reports, articles, points, presented for participation in research analytics championships or scientific-practical conferences of the GISAP project, carried out under the aegis of the IASHE. 

The IASHE may publish digests of scientific works following the results of certain scientific events and upon requests of other organizations.

The IASHE digests of scientific works can be divided into:


Professionally edited (in this case a qualified editorial executes a selection, quality assessment and correction of original materials);


Based on open expert assessment and collective discussion of the scientific research (in this case materials subject to the publication under the aegis of author's responsibility for their quality and with open promulgation of results of expert assessment).

Archive of digests

Archive of digests and all the related information is available on the website http://www.gisap.eu.

CXXX International Research and Practice Conference "Solving problems of optimal combination of standards of quality, innovative technical solutions and comfort of operation when developing and producing devices and construction objects"
CXXIX International Research and Practice Conference "Modern methods of studying matter and interaction of substances, as well as the subject-based relations modeling"
CXXVIII International Research and Practice Conference "Value of the personality and collective interactions in the social progress ensuring process"
CXXVII International Research and Practice Conference "Innovative approaches in diagnostics and treatment of human and animal diseases caused by injuries, genetic and pathogenic factors"
CXXVI International Research and Practice Conference "Human creativity phenomenon in ups and downs of the historical process"
CXXV International Research and Practice Conference "Issues of preservation of originality and interference of national languages in conditions of globalized international life"
CXXIV Influence of knowledge and public practice on the development of creative potential and personal success in life
CXXIII Methods of effective science-based satisfaction of the increasing social needs in the field of engineering, construction and architecture
CXXII Theoretical and applied problems of physical, mathematical and chemical sciences in the context of the social demand for the knowledge limits expansion
CXXI Social relations and conflicts in conditions of intensification of economic processes and dominance of liberal ideology
International scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 20th anniversary of establishment of the Law Faculty of the National State Tax Service University of Ukraine "Development of Jurisprudence: Problems and Prospects"