The IOSCEAAD-775 standard patenting has international status of the authoritative scientific and practical professional expertise of novelty, primacy, innovativeness and practical possibility of application of results of creative activity of persons concerned. Patenting is the expertise-based procedure. Its result is based on objective professional assessment, it cannot be known in advance. The project is the original initiative of the IUCI (London, United Kingdom). Patenting is implemented on the basis of methodology of professional examination and collegial assessment of qualitative features of results of creative activity (their patentability criteria) of persons concerned performed by the expert community. The IOSCEAAD-775 standard patenting is a professional public initiative giving the chance to juridically establish the superiority of the corresponding person in promulgation of innovative results of own creative activity, perform collegial expert assessment of criteria of their patentability and offer basic instruments of the intellectual property rights protection. The IOSCEAAD-775 standard patenting is not an analog or the direct substitute of the state patenting system. The standard is the alternative and supplementary instrument of verification and protection of intellectual property rights for the following types of persons:


Those aren't able to benefit from state patenting instruments due to various reasons;


those willing to strengthen their legal positions in relation to innovative objects on the international level and within the framework of the global community of experts and persons concerned.

The IOSCEAAD-775 standard patenting undisputedly verifies the primacy in publication, international expert acknowledgment of patentability of the object, declared priority of the author in relation to the corresponding result of creative activity (innovative object). The IOSCEAAD-775 standard also creates sufficient evidential and informational basis for effective protection of the authorship with the use of any admissible and widespread instruments of the juridical protection. Patent protection is provided not only in relation to final systemic technical solutions, but also to results of creative activity of local or intermediate nature not intended for independent purposeful use. For example: theories, concepts, hypotheses, discoveries, methods, extended plots of literary works etc. Positive results of the patenting expertise are accompanied by publication of the relevant information in the IUCI Patent Bulletin. They are officialized by the International Author's Patenting Certificate. They can be verified by the decision of the American International Commercial and Arbitration Court (AICAC, Wilmington, USA).


International Academy of Intellect and Qualitative Progress