British Department

In the course of cooperation between the IASHE and the interested educational institutions (partners) parties establish the International Attestation and Mobility Centres called the British Departments. In the special agreement between the IASHE and the partner university the status of the British Department is usually described in the following way:

  • For organizational registration, systematization and effective presentation of the Partner’s representative activity carried out in accordance with this agreement, the International Attestation and Mobility Centre "British Department" (hereinafter referred to as the Centre) can be established to operate.
  • The Centre is established in accordance with the present agreement on the basis of the Partner’s individual decision.
  • The Centre shall be organized without the foundation of the legal entity - in the status of the society in participation (on conditions of joint activity) uniting the IASHE and the Partner.
  • The Centre carries out representative functions, acts under the present agreement and other agreements between its Parties, has own symbols, the presentation seal and letterheads.
  • By its operations the Centre shall generate the corresponding legal consequences for the Partner and the IASHE