Administrative management

Administrative management

Organizational and financial management (administrative management) of the Academy involves the direction of its functioning as an organization with a status of a legal entity and separate property, which can independently enter into legal relationship and account for its obligations. Administrative management of the Academy involves financing of its activities, formation of personnel, realization of representative functions, conclusion of commercial agreements, realization of juridical rights and obligations of the Academy towards the government, agents or any other third parties. Administrative management of the Academy does not extend to special scientific and educational competence of the IASHE and does not affect the authorities of special bodies of the Academy, except the cases when such competence or authorities are expressed by the need to execute official acts of an administrative nature. The combination and interaction of systems of administrative and scientific-educational management of the IASHE is based on principles of legality and appropriateness of certain decisions making. It is also ensured by the separation of functions of management bodies and the need to achieve consensus in making (on behalf of the Academy) of complex decisions that affect and administrative and scientific-educational activities.

Founder of the IASHE

The highest management body of the IASHE is the meeting of founders of the Academy.

Founder of the IASHE is the International Union of Commerce and Industry (IUCI; London, UK; Company № 5651090)

The IASHE Board

The standing executive body of the IASHE system of administrative management is the Board. It consists of Directors of the IASHE, responsible for separate directions of administrative activities of the Academy.

Directors responsible for fields of ensuring of scientific-educational activities of the Academy:

Thomas Morgan

Director General, Head of the IASHE International projects Department

Henry Richardson

Executive Director

Semen Zhytnigor

Director with the full voting status, curator and scientific advisor of the IASHE Board on behalf of the founder