The world around us is immense and mysterious. For us it is difficult to comprehend all its secrets. It’s because the endlessness of questions arising will always be much wider than our knowledge. But does it mean that there is no need to seek for understanding of the essence of life? Perhaps, our mission is not to find the truth, but to strive for it.


    It is amazing that the person can always have a high opinion of himself and at the same time can understand own negligibility against the background of the endlessness and mysteriousness of the universe. However the unique nature of the human being is expressed not only in the developed consciousness, but also in the ability to act as a subject and an object of cognition at the same time. And undoubtedly, the immense world has to give the human being a credit as, perhaps, the only source of feelings, emotions and the creativity.


    Modern conditions and needs of social life make us know that education is not just an inevitable formality. Education has always been a necessary factor of public progress and individual development of a separate person. But today education also becomes the conscious choice and the future life program for every adequately thinking person. It is obvious that modern education becomes the sphere of purposeful efforts of not just educational institutions, but of those trained. And it will become closer and closer to the form of creative cooperation between these subjects. The society of the near future will require not just carriers of static knowledge, but the specialists-analysts able to think effectively and solve practical tasks independently, unconventionally and innovatively.


    We often think that natural cataclysms are the evil directed against the humankind. But being arrogant we often forget that we are not the only manifestation of life on Earth. It is everywhere. And different natural objects have every right to manifest themselves individually. We should only study such circumstances and adapt to them. However, unfortunately, rash human activity often provokes the destructive violence of the elements.


    Life of a modern person is accompanied and even predetermined by technology in many respects. It is difficult to overestimate its significance. Sometimes they say that technology is the way to simplify life and provide comfort, invented by human beings. There is a grain of truth in this statement of course. However, the internal global nature of technical progress is nevertheless based on the personal desire to create the surrounding reality and predetermine own destiny independently.


    Creativity is a key element of human creation. Creativity is the thing obviously emphasizing the person in the general system of the natural phenomena - as a source of transformation and reproduction of reality outside of natural processes. Creativity is much more complex and larger than the existing abstract knowledge. It combines talent, feelings, emotions, character, thoughts and actions of the person into a uniform complex of human identity – active personality. Creative abilities of the person define the expansion of limits of his/her cognition, moral-aesthetic and cultural development, as well as the general progress of the mankind.


    It is obvious that human society is one of the most complex system designs able to exist. A hive of reasonable beings not able to live separately, but overwhelmed by the personal goals, ideas and passions – this is very comprehensive historical pattern. And even more surprising is the fact that the primordial internal conflict of the subjective and the collective is always a factor of instability, but often a prerequisite of social progress as well.


    Human habitat is beautiful and fragile. We know nothing about other possible living conditions, although their existence or emergence is hypothetically possible. But it is obvious that the nature of Earth is an irreplaceable prerequisite of survival and development of humanity… Conscious destruction of the environment the human beings live in is one the irresolvable issues of the modern society.


    We usually think that science is some kind of the transcendental and elite environment located far away from the global society. Undoubtedly, scientific activity is a field for talented thinkers. However, everyone able and wishing to think progressively and efficiently can and should be a scientist. Achievements of science are of course announced and represented by extraordinary researchers, but prerequisites for such achievements are formed in the social environment. Openness of science for people, its availability is an urgent need of a modern society and the objective basis for its progress.

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